How is Delve different from solutions like Vanta/Drata/Secureframe?

Other solutions are reactive. They provide a compliance checklist and integrate with your service providers (such as AWS and Github) to passively monitor your system settings and flag potential issues. It takes 3-4 weeks to become compliant with other solutions.

Delve is proactive. We automatically deploy your infrastructure and provide custom legal policies – in addition to providing a compliance checklist. We actively protect you from adversaries and bad actors, enforce cyber hygiene, and save weeks of manual DevOps work. It takes just days to get compliant with Delve.

Has Delve been reviewed by HIPAA auditors?

We partnered with auditors at Insight Assurance to map their audit checklist to our infrastructure setup, compliance workflow, and monitoring dashboard. This let us ensure that Delve thoroughly prepares companies for HIPAA audits while also enforcing general security best practices.


Which cloud providers do you support?

We support Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our primary cloud provider. However, for larger companies with specific cloud provider requirements, we offer enterprise tier services.

What if I already have infrastructure configured in my cloud?

If you already have infrastructure configured in your cloud, we can help you migrate onto our compliant infrastructure setup so you can meet HIPAA requirements.

Do I get locked in to Delve’s infrastructure?

No, you are not locked in. We deploy infrastructure in your cloud, meaning that your infrastructure will continue to function independent of Delve's services and that you're able to make custom modifications to your infrastructure as necessary.


When should I get HIPAA compliant?

You must get HIPAA compliant before you process any protected health information on behalf of a healthcare organization. It's easier to get HIPAA compliant the earlier you start. Follow this article to determine if HIPAA applies to you.

Do I need an audit to get HIPAA compliant?

No, HIPAA compliance is based on self-attestation, meaning you do not need an external audit to declare compliance. As soon as you make your best faith effort in getting HIPAA compliant with Delve, you can claim compliance.


What is your pricing like?

We charge on an annual subscription basis. Our exact pricing depends on the size of your company and your needs. We'd love to learn more about your use case and provide a number.

Do you have plans to support other compliance frameworks like SOC2?

Yes, we are releasing SOC2 compliance in Q2 2024. Once you get HIPAA compliant with us, upgrading your infrastructure to meet other compliance frameworks like SOC2 will be as simple as git push. Please feel free to reach out if you have additional compliance needs.

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