Breakdown of our Security

A 10,000-foot view of our infrastructure design and the flow of information.

Breakdown of our Security

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First principles of our infrastructure


We enforce a zero trust model with strong encryption and detailed logging to ensure only verified users access your network, keeping data secure and compliant with privacy standards.


Our setup dynamically optimizes performance and manages data scalability through smart load distribution, resource autoscaling, and intelligent storage solutions.


We ensure reliable uptime with multi-availability zone deployments, automated backups, and smart load balancing for resilience, failover, and continuous traffic to healthy components.

Overview of our network flow

User API Call

A client sends a request to the application.

Internet Gateway Ingestion

The request is parsed and forwarded to the virtual private cloud, where it's routed to the appropriate service.

Web Application Firewall Inspection

The request is checked for malicious content using rules and machine learning.

Application Load Balancer Routing

Ensures high availability by distributing requests across healthy servers and enforces secure communication.

Elastic Container Service Execution

Processes the request using containerized applications, allowing for flexible and efficient compute resource management.

Relational Database Service Query

Queries are sent and processed within a secure internal network, ensuring data is accessed without exposure to the public internet.

Network Address Translation Gateway Routing

Facilitates secure communication between internal services and external resources, preventing unauthorized access.

Application Load Balancer Routing

The processed response is securely sent back via the load balancer.

Internet Gateway Routing

Completes the cycle by delivering the response to the client securely and efficiently.

We value full transparency

We deploy infrastructure in your own cloud environment, ensuring you have full control and visibility over your data and resources. If you have any questions about the way we set up your infrastructure, please reach out to us.

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